player since 1985, national referee since 1988 and international since 1996. Part of Sweden's National team for most of the period 1988-2011. Have had almost all different posts in the national UWR committee and also been the Swedish underwater diving federation president.


Player since 1983, national referee since 1989 and international since 2003. Part of Sweden's National team 1989-91. Have had president and referee responsible role in the national UWR committee. CMAS UWR Chief referee since 2009

Fun facts

Manuel and Kajsa Played UWH in Melbourne 1992, made it to both Cali WCs (1995 player/coach & 2015 referees), have also refereed the leagues/finals in Denmark, Norway, Turkey. Manuel played the German championships 1997 and Kajsa toured most central European cups and played with the German club Aachen 2007-09